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Urban Economics for Sustainability

Students will be provided with analytical and conceptual methods of urban economics, and will be taught in how to use these methods to further an understanding of the sustainability of human settlements. We will work out fundamental concepts together and explore important contributions in the literature. Students are expected to give a presentation on specific topics or papers. An interest into sustainable urban systems and an understanding of economic concept is desirable prerequisite of the course.

When: Monday 12-14
Where: H.3002
Type: Seminar


Urbanization and Global Environmental Change

In this lecture, students will learn the fundamental facts about Urbanization and Global Environmental Change. This includes a detailed understanding of urbanization and land use change, and about urbanization and climate change, including climate change solutions.

List of content:

Urbanization dynamics. Global Land Use Change. Urban land acquisition and consequences for food systems, biodiversity and terrestrial carbon. Economics of urban land expansion. Urban metabolism and the bioeconomy. Urbanization and climate change. The economics of urban climate change mitigation. Urban transport and climate change mitigation. Buildings and climate change mitigation. Public finance and low-carbon infrastructures. Urbanization and Sustainable Development. Leadership for Action.

When: Monday 8-10
Where: H1012
Type: Lecture

Masterarbeit Ost-West Fahrradachse Schöneberg (Cost-Benefit-Analyse)

In Schöneberg soll eine Ost-West Fahrradachse vom Rathaus Schöneberg über die Belziger Straße, Langenscheidbrücke bis zur Monumentenbrücke ausgewiesen werden. In der Masterarbeit sollen zwei oder drei Ausgestaltungen diskutiert und mit Hilfe einer Cost-Benefit Analyse unter Einbezug aller Umweltdimensionen bewertet werden. Die Berliner Unfallstatistiken sollen hierbei auch analysiert werden. Im Speziellen soll das Für und Wider der Brücken als modale Filter (nur zugelassen für Fuss-, E-Scooter und Fahrradverkehr) ausgelotet werden. Im Ausblick kann auch der Prozess der Umgestaltung der Straßenzüge diskutiert werden.

If interested in any master thesis, please contact Felix Creutzig.

Masterarbeit Schöne Belziger Straße

Die Belziger Straße soll als Fahrradstraße ausgewiesen werden. Beständiger Parkverkehr macht die Belziger Straße derzeit sehr unsicher. Die Masterarbeit soll gestalterische Vorschläge unterbreiten, wie die Belziger Straße als Aufenthalts- und Fahrradstraße entsprechend holländischer Vorbilder umgebaut werden kann. Hauptkriterien sind Aufenthaltsqualität und daraus resultieren Nutzung als öffentlicher Raum, inklusive Stärkung des lokalen Einzelhandels. Im Ausblick kann auch der Prozess der Umgestaltung der Belziger Straße diskutiert werden.

Master thesis on cycling in Berlin

This potential master thesis project will aim to investigate the success factors of the Volksbegehren Fahrrad in Berlin. It will also analyze the potential climate and health benefits of improved bicycle infrastructure.

Master thesis on big data governance for Berlin

This master thesis will investigate the potential to govern big data created in transport systems by Berlin municipality. For example, it will be investigated whether and how big data generated online by different mode users and currently collected by private companies can be integrated into one platform to optimize utban transport planning, to incentivize low-carbon mobility, and to optimize travel experience, while also respecting and improving privacy concerns.

If interested in any master thesis, please contact Felix Creutzig.

Master thesis on "Smart City and Sustainability"

Smart cities are heralded world wide, as if they answer the challenges of the our time. Key among these challenges is sustainability and climate change mitigation. A new study shows that tech entrepeneurs equalize "smart city" with "sustainable city" even as empirical evidence negates this relationship, especially in the mobility domain.

Enter the city of Solingen. It won a prize of 9 million EUR to implement smart city options. The master theses will be about Solingen and will scientifically evaluate implemented and suggested smart city strategies from the perspective of climate change mitigation. Contact to city officials is possible. Knowledge of German is required for this thesis.

Air expansion BER: consistent with the Paris agreement?

1200 airports are currently under construction, or are getting expanded, world wide. BER is one of them. This master thesis investigates the question of airport capacity and capacity expansion from the perspective of the Paris agreement and the IPCC special report on 1.5°C. Specifical focus is on the maybe-to-be-openned (and then to be expanded) airport BER.

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