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In the summer semester lecture Urbanization and Global Environmental Change, theoretical foundations of urban economics, ideas of urban sustainability, and applied examples from around the world are presented and discussed.

In winter semesters, students can develop their research skills in the seminar Urban Economics and Sustainability.

Please contact Prof. Creutzig if you are interested in joining for a research project or thesis. Some Master thesis ideas are sketched below.

Summer Semester

Urbanization and Global Environmental Change

In this lecture, students will learn the fundamental facts about Urbanization and Global Environmental Change. This includes a detailed understanding of urbanization and land use change, and about urbanization and climate change, including climate change solutions.

List of content:

Urbanization dynamics. Global Land Use Change. Urban land acquisition and consequences for food systems, biodiversity and terrestrial carbon. Economics of urban land expansion. Urban metabolism and the bioeconomy. Urbanization and climate change. The economics of urban climate change mitigation. Urban transport and climate change mitigation. Buildings and climate change mitigation. Public finance and low-carbon infrastructures. Urbanization and Sustainable Development. Leadership for Action.

When: Monday 8-10
Where: H1012
Type: Lecture

Winter Semester

Urban Economics for Sustainability (Seminar)

Students will be provided with analytical and conceptual methods of urban economics, and will be taught in how to use these methods to further an understanding of the sustainability of human settlements. We will work out fundamental concepts together and explore important contributions in the literature. Students are expected to give a presentation on specific topics or papers. An interest into sustainable urban systems and an understanding of economic concept is desirable prerequisite of the course.

More details are given on the TU ISIS website.
When: Fridays 12-14
Where: Zoom (Covid-19 related)
Type: Seminar


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